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A writer of fiction, especially a novelist.


(ˈfɪk ʃə nɪst)

a writer of fiction.
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Kreis came to Martin one day - Kreis, of the "real dirt"; and Martin turned to him with relief, to receive the glowing details of a scheme sufficiently wild-catty to interest him as a fictionist rather than an investor.
In addition to the workshops and main event, it will also include a three-hour after-party/concert Thursday evening, featuring local Utah bands, Fictionist and RKDN.
And though Nabokov confessed at one point that "the man in me revolts against the fictionist," it was the artist who won out in the end: for, the processes in nature and art had much too much in common to be abandoned for existence alone.
Tan, Poet, fictionist, essayist, and teacher of literature (Philippines)• Myriam Montoya, Poet (Colombia/ France)• Jim Byron, musician (USA)• Carlos Piera, Writer (Spain)• Camila Charry Noriega, Poet (Colombia)• Harold Trujillo Torres, Caricaturista de opinion periodico El Espectador (Colombia)• Lucia Ortiz Corredor, Poet (Colombia)• Julio Cesar Goyes Narvaez, Poet (Colombia)• Julio Cesar Goyes Narvaez, Poet/ IECO-Instituto de Estudios en Comunicacion y Cultura/ Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)• Alonso Saenz M.
While only DeLillo qualifies as a "postmodern" fictionist, the other writers discussed in some detail also undercut certain narrative conventions (both modernist and realist), so that their use of "visionary moments" does not simply reinforce the Romantic-modernist tradition of the literary epiphany (from Wordsworth through Browning and Hopkins to Joyce, Woolf, and Faulkner [2002, 35]).
But then you can't help feeling bad for DHL, the coal-miner's son, the innovative fictionist, filtered through the kidneys of a rich dilettante.
The same thing could be found in the comparison between the Anglo-Asian gynoid fictionist Richard Calder's Dead Girls Trilogy (1993-96) and Matsuura's close friend and major magic realist Yoriko Shono's representation of cyborgian identity in most of her novels, including her prize-winning novella, Time Warp Complex (1994), which is excerpted here.
Anshel Wasserman, the hero of the total story, just as Momik is the focus of consciousness, is a supreme fictionist as well as the object of torture.
George Orwell, in 1946, referred to the comfort of the "English murder" which was drawn from the pages of some pulp fictionist while the reader was arrayed on a sofa on a quiet Sunday afternoon.
Music Festival Will Include Performances By Megan Joy, Fictionist, and Sugar Ray -
Whether or not Claire's failure to recognize the obvious is a reflection of Collins's shortcomings as a fictionist, it is singular that she continues to contrast the knowledge of the slaves--and the servant Juno, by association--with Claire's ignorance.
ALONG WITH JAMES FENIMORE COOPER, WILLIAM GILMORE SIMMS is a respected and prolific fictionist of frontier life in America.