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Used to express mild annoyance or impatience.

[From pl. of fiddlestick, bow for playing a fiddle.]


(ˈfɪd lˌstɪks)

(used to express annoyance.)


[ˈfɪdlstɪks] EXCL¡tonterías!


interj (= nonsense)Unsinn, Quatsch (inf); (= bother)du liebe Zeit, du liebes Lottchen (hum inf)


[ˈfɪdlˌstɪks] excl (old) fiddlesticks!sciocchezze!
References in classic literature ?
Didn't she, rather, do you the honor to say, 'A fiddlestick for your phrases
A viper--a fiddlestick," said Miss Sharp to the old lady, almost fainting with astonishment.
Hosted by Only Men Aloud's Tim Rhys-Evans and BBC Cardiff Singer of the World's Josie d'Arby, early arrivals were treated to music from community acts Fiddlesticks and the Valli Boys, who did a brilliant job of warming up the crowd for the major line-up.
based Icebox Coffee--a refrigerated liquid concentrate coffee packaged in a novel portion-controlled bottle designed to be drunk hot or cold--and Fiddlesticks Fire Starter, a small Birmingham manufacturer of charcoal, wood chunks and the unique Grilling Sticks.
If you are yearning for another adventure film, look no further than Fiddlesticks (Quatsch) which follows a group of children intent on changing their town's reputation for being completely boring and mundane.
Supreme: A Evans, Shrewsbury, Westhill Fiddlesticks.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Anthony DiBiase, Realtor, International Southwest Florida specialist representing John Naumann & Associates, announces15649 Fiddlesticks Boulevard, Fort Myers, Florida 33912 is now available for sale.
Consider using these same Fiddlesticks or Tinker Toys pieces (disks and sticks) to use as materials to model nutrient cycles, such as the carbon and nitrogen cycles.
Eugene's Leilani Norman shot a second-round 83 to miss qualifying for match play at the 49th USGA Senior Women's Amateur Championships by two strokes on the Long Mean Course at Fiddlesticks Country Club on Sunday.
Just a few miles down the road from my home town, Fiddlesticks at the Customs House Country Inn in Belcoo, was somewhere I had been meaning to check out for a long time.
Fiddlesticks is a ladies' Garland and clog dancing troupe from East Anglia, Glorishears of Brummagem is a local ladies morris dancing troupe and The Knights of Middle England will be battling each other in Chamberlain Square.
So, fiddlesticks to the policy jackanapes - and we've also got World Heritage status AND the Superlambanana.