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It's only while we are fiddling around here that the Admiral's jumpy about things.
Shutting door on open government SO, it isn't just James Bond that the Wales Assembly doesn't like fiddling around in their sacred Senedd?
Or we have to use an even more complex text message system which requires registering and fiddling around with debit cards.
Steffan Aquarone, who founded Droplet with Will Grant in 2011, said: "Passengers don't have to worry about being caught fiddling around for change or asking the driver to stop at a cash point.
UNFAIR He added: "Rather than fiddling around on websites, the Tories should just get rid of this unfair tax.
Otherwise, following the loss of 25% of the main car park spaces with Kirklees' recent fiddling around with it, the only other option would be the exhumation of the old burial ground and release of that for parking.
The idea came into fruition while Haigh and his friends were chatting on the subject of how rude it was to being ignored while someone was fiddling around with a smartphone.
Around 2:30 in the morning [Saturday] they were sort of fiddling around with a hunting rifle and in that process the rifle went off, which led to her death," Malaysian Ambassador Ilango Karuppanan told The Daily Star.
It all makes a change from fiddling around in mid-table and players waiting for the final day of the season and waiting for their holidays.
While fiddling around with the boiler settings I pondered why my video is smarter than my cooker and why we have been messing about with the clocks twice a year since 1916.
Whether it's chasing the Queen through Buckingham Palace or fiddling around with the height control button of his chair, atkinson offers good old-fashioned laughs.
That's before having to put up with interference from the government of the day fiddling around with the curriculum, league tables or exams.