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 (fĭ-do͞o′shəl, -dyo͞o′-, fī-)
1. Based on or relating to faith or trust.
2. Relating to or characteristic of a legal trust; fiduciary.
3. Regarded or employed as a standard of reference, as in surveying.

[Late Latin fīdūciālis, from Latin fīdūcia, trust, from fīdere, to trust; see bheidh- in Indo-European roots.]

fi·du′cial·ly adv.
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As a national authority on living trusts, The Estate Plan was compelled, if not fiducially obligated, to create a new and much more advanced website, TheEstatePlanningSource.
They are fiducially responsible, which means, ultimately, the buck stops there," Haynes said.
Investment practitioners can use Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors, a new reference guide, to enhance their investment practices and procedures and show that they abide by a fiducially prudent standard of excellence.