field glasses

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field glass

n. often field glasses
A portable binocular telescope without prisms used especially outdoors for viewing distant objects: used a pair of field glasses to watch the marsh birds.

field glasses

pl n
another name for binoculars

Field glasses

Essentially two small telescopes (one for each eye) on one frame. Field glasses have been displaced by binoculars.
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Noun1.Field glasses - an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyesfield glasses - an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes
eyepiece, ocular - combination of lenses at the viewing end of optical instruments
optical instrument - an instrument designed to aid vision
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one

field glasses

npl (binoculars) → binocolo
References in classic literature ?
The Hun smiled in his relief, passed a cheery word with his lieutenant, and then scanned the broad plain with his field glasses.
Taking his field glasses from the case, he stood on the top of the rock, and began to search the horizon.
Germany moved in that direction Thursday, with the government announcing that it had sent a first planeload of military equipment to the Kurds in Iraq's north, including helmets, protective vests, field glasses and mine-searching devices.
I stepped back into the kitchen and plucked the field glasses from the windowsill that frames our lake view.
Swarovski 8x42 EL Rangefinder Binoculars 70008 Redefining the concept of hunting equipment, these field glasses from Swarovski combine the capability of razor-sharp top quality optics with precise measuring.
The Russian's tripod is down, she's scrambling for her field glasses while the American is surging into the lead by recordin g blow after blow.
When Ahab's sextant and Auda's field glasses are shattered, they must rely on instinct rather than on observation.
Later, I heard how a servant from the hall had seen the boat on the lake and how the gamekeeper had gone down to the lake with his field glasses.
And although they're called "goggles," they can be used either handheld, just like conventional field glasses, or are "hands-free" by using the included comfortable headmount.
How well these field glasses scope out the place-- A kestrel sky,
Having heard so much about "staycations," the hip new recession-friendly way to enjoy leisure time, I pulled the car off Ventura Boulevard with a cooler of drinks and sandwiches, my field glasses and SPF 15 smeared on my nose, and waited for a water main break.
Worry spreads to the third Boy, Ian Barton, who vows never to forget his field glasses again, but, moments before panic sets in, trainer Jo Davis adds: "It's okay, lads, there's a footpath, they're just ramblers.