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Noun1.field line - an imaginary line in a field of forcefield line - an imaginary line in a field of force; direction of the line at any point is the direction of the force at that point
line - a spatial location defined by a real or imaginary unidimensional extent
electrical line of force - a line of force in an electrical field
magnetic line of force - a line of force in a magnetic field
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Long before the flare the magnetic field lines are un-entangled and they appear in a smooth arc between two points on the photosphere (the Sun's visible surface) -- areas called field line footpoints.
Before entangling, the field lines are in smooth arcs called field line foot-points, which are pushed into each other by strong convection currents moving beneath the photosphere--the Sun's visible surface.
2 The sun's equator, which moves faster than the poles, tugs at each field line and pulls it out of shape.
District 51 got the big hit from Radford in the bottom of the second, when Radford followed Kristen Foster's leadoff walk with a run-scoring double down the left field line.
To minimize error in the approximation, the custom software uses the deviation of the guiding center derived from the magnetic field line pertubatively.
New data from NASA's fleet of five THEMIS (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms) spacecraft shows that, when a magnetic field line in the tail builds up too much energy, it snaps, and part of the line is sent hurtling back toward Earth.
The new findings support the notion that each end of a magnetic field line within a galaxy is anchored to a dense gas cloud.
ECR scored its only run in the first inning when Francesca Enea followed Bianca Mejia's two-out walk with an RBI double down the left field line.
Because the end of each magnetic field line tied to the hole whips around faster than the end anchored in the disk, there's tension that slows the black hole's spin and pumps the energy into the inner part of the disk.