figure of eight

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figure of eight


figure eight

1. (Individual Sports, other than specified) an outline of the number 8 traced on ice by a skater
2. (Aeronautics) a flight manoeuvre by an aircraft outlining a figure 8
3. (Knots)
a. a knot in the shape of a figure 8 made to prevent the unreeving of a rope
b. a climber's knot in the shape of a figure 8 made with a doubled rope to provide a secure loop
c. an angler's knot sometimes used to attach a fly to a leader or dropper

fig′ure of eight′

2. a knot resembling the figure 8.
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Noun1.figure of eight - a knot having the shape of the numeral 8figure of eight - a knot having the shape of the numeral 8; tied in a rope that has been passed through a hole or pulley and that prevents the rope from coming loose
knot - any of various fastenings formed by looping and tying a rope (or cord) upon itself or to another rope or to another object
شَكل 8
sekiz biçimi

figure of eight

nun otto


(eit) noun
1. the number or figure 8. Four and four are/is/make eight.
2. the age of 8. children of eight and over.
3. the crew of an eight-oared racing boat. Did the Cambridge eight win?
1. 8 in number. eight people; He is eight years old.
2. aged 8. He is eight today.
having eight (of something). an eight-sided figure.
eighth (eitð) noun
1. one of eight equal parts. They each received an eighth of the money.
2. (also adjective) (the) last of eight (people, things etc); (the) next after the seventh. His horse was eighth in the race; Are you having another cup of coffee? That's your eighth (cup) this morning; Henry VIII (said as `Henry the Eighth').
ˈeight-year-old noun
a person or animal that is eight years old. Is this game suitable for an eight-year-old?
an eight-year-old child.
figure of eight
a pattern etc in the shape of the figure 8. The skater did a figure of eight.
References in classic literature ?
SOCRATES: Do you observe, Meno, that I am not teaching the boy anything, but only asking him questions; and now he fancies that he knows how long a line is necessary in order to produce a figure of eight square feet; does he not?
SOCRATES: Let us describe such a figure: Would you not say that this is the figure of eight feet?
SOCRATES: Then the figure of eight is not made out of a line of three?
He did not know at first, and he does not know now, what is the side of a figure of eight feet: but then he thought that he knew, and answered confidently as if he knew, and had no difficulty; now he has a difficulty, and neither knows nor fancies that he knows.
Alison, Dean, Vicky, and James in the Figure of Eight |
The best way is to connect the stems and support using twine or string in a figure of eight, which allows a bit of movement for the stem as it flexes and grows.
Draw a figure of eight on the white card and cut it out.
The Congress and its allies are set to win six seats, down marginally from the figure of eight seats in 2009, while the Akali Dal and its allies are set to increase their tally from five seats to seven seats.
A trip round the figure of eight is indeed a journey into the past.
842 (a) Simple wire technique versus figure of eight technique; The data are represented as mean [+ or -] SD, median (min-max) values and proportions/percentages (1) Student's t test, (2) Chi-square test, (3) Fisher's Exact test BMI-body mass index, COPD-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CPB-cardiopulmonary bypass, CVD-cerebrovascular disease, LITA-left internal thoracic artery, PAD-peripheral artery disease Table 2.
You can make your own using old tights, wrapping them in a figure of eight around the tree and the stake.
Diesel's Locomotion Mayhem six character diesel engines travelling in a figure of eight