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1. Shaped or fashioned in a particular way.
2. Decorated with a design; patterned: "My dress is richly figured" (Amy Lowell).
3. Represented, as in graphic art or sculpture; depicted.


1. (Art Terms) depicted as a figure in graphic art, painting, or sculpture
2. decorated or patterned with a design
3. having a form
4. (Music, other) music
a. ornamental
b. (of a bass part) provided with numerals indicating accompanying harmonies


(ˈfɪg yərd)

1. ornamented with a device or pattern.
2. formed or shaped.
3. represented by a pictorial or sculptured figure.
fig•ured•ly (ˈfɪg yərd li, -yər ɪd-) adv.
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Adj.1.figured - (of e.g. fabric design) adorned with patterns; "my dress is richly figured"- Amy Lowell
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
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I thought you was talkin' to a confederate about gold, and figured maybe you was goin' to rob the bank.
He did not touch his tools at first, but figured for a long while on a piece of paper, and measured the planks and made marks on them.
She sat herself upon a revolving stool before a counter that was comparatively deserted, trying to gather strength and courage to charge through an eager multitude that was besieging breastworks of shirting and figured lawn.
His figured panoply of death looked more like a disguise assumed in mockery than a fierce annunciation of a desire to carry destruction in his footsteps.