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Plural of filum.
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Cris and Butch Albert welcomed Giorgio Aramu and Michael Yun from Fila Italy and Korea, respectively.
Al ver que ocurrio en las 3 937 casillas donde hubo ciudadanos tomados de la fila como funcionarios, Del Mazo gano en el 36.
7 June 2017 - US-based IT consulting company The Fila Group, LLC has acquired US-based information technology firm Next Digital Solutions, LLC, the company said.
Explained Fabrizio Nicoli, Commercial Director of FILA Middle East.
Commenting on the branch's increased scope, Fabrizio Nicoli, commercial director of Fila Middle East, said: "Ever since we opened our regional office in Dubai in 2012, our area of operations has grown exponentially.
Aly & Fila are the single most successful group to have emerged from Egypt, ranking number 20 out of 100 as one of the biggest DJ acts in the electronic dance music genre by DJ Magazine in 2013.
En el caso de las hexosas, se usan las mismas convenciones acordadas anteriormente y se agrega una fila extra en la tabla (un carbono quiral adicional).
The transaction will relocate Fila from its current Midtown East location to 1411 Broadway, one block from Bryant Park and just south of Times Square.
Addressing the gathering, Beniamino Pettenon, the president of Fila Industria Chimica, said: "With 70 years of experience in the industry, the company is valued for its constant product innovation.
Pero tambien la primera fila del desfile tuvo su protagonismo con la presencia de las WAG's del Barca: Daniella Semaan, novia de Cese F abregas, y Antonella Roccuzzo, de Messi, tomaron buena nota de las propuestas .
Para mi, la fila india tiene otras connotaciones: las largas colas a la espera de pan, agua, medicamentos, ayuda, en situaciones de emergencia; las interminables filas de desempleados.
The confirmation came from Mr Anirudh Suri, owner of Findable, when he announced the deal to the media saying, “we are very happy to say that Fila India has agreed to enlist their products in our portal and now every Fila product which are available in India can be found using Findable's search engine.