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Plural of filum.
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Switzerland's Raphael Martinetti had been the president of FILA since 2002, the BBC reports.
With a booming new record label and a syndicated radio show, both titled "Future Sound of Egypt," alongside an internationally acclaimed album ("Rising Sun"), Aly & Fila are at the forefront of trance music's next generation.
Wrestlers from the TRNC were able to compete at the International Victory Cup competitions held in Kusadasi town of the western province of Aydin between June 17 and 19 as a member of the FILA.
BlackBerry deployment at Fila helps facilitate a smooth communication flow with the security levels we demand.
FILA has tapped architect Giorgio Borruso to design the retail store scheduled to open this summer.
A Fila employee said: 'They were definitely an item and acting very lovey-dovey.
follows) Keep fila covered with plastic wrap, except when using, to prevent drying and breaking.
com and look for them to be uploaded on the FILA Official Facebook page at https://www.
We wanted to provide them with a visually compelling, immersive online shopping experience," said Rob McClellan, General Manager of Fila Online, Inc.
FILA have only moved into the football market in the past few years and they believe our national side can increase their brand awareness north of the border.
Capriati, 23, will compete wearing Fila tennis shoes and apparel, appear in Fila advertising and conduct tennis clinics for young players.
Fila will be opening its flagship location at 831 Madison Avenue this fall.