file away

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Verb1.file away - place in a container for keeping records; "File these bills, please"
record, enter, put down - make a record of; set down in permanent form
2.file away - put into an archivefile away - put into an archive      
collect, pull in - get or bring together; "accumulate evidence"

w>file away

vt sep paperszu den Akten legen; to file something away in one’s memoryetw im Gedächtnis behalten
References in classic literature ?
He saw clearly that it was his irrevocable destiny to remain a prisoner till dawn, or, perhaps, even late in the morning; then the smith must be fetched to file away the bars; but all that would not be done so quickly as he could think about it.
Raffles afterward assured me that nineteen of them had been spent in filing one key; but one of his latest inventions was a little thick velvet bag in which he carried the keys; and this bag had two elastic mouths, which closed so tightly about either wrist that he could file away, inside, and scarcely hear it himself.
As a crowd of 3,000 started to file away from Berlin's Potsdamer Platz, where they had watched the game on a giant screen, many Germans remained in front of the screen, holding their faces and crying after the final whistle blew on one of the best finals in recent memory.
On the other hand, Azzi stated that the arrest of Ahmad Al-Assir was a watershed on the level of security, and even on other levels, hoping to keep this file away from the media.
AS the festive season begins to wind down, it's nearly time to file away our Christmas greatest hits albums for another year.
keeping our nails in shape FILE away rough edges with this lovely set of three nail files from Superdrug.