file extension

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file′ exten`sion

extension (def. 12).
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But more and more frequently, you'll see the file extension .
The first part is the actual file name, which is followed by what is called the file extension.
eml file extension to an image extension, ie; jpg or gif.
vbs file extension, a file type for which most individual users have little use.
RM File extension for a RealMovie, the Net video equivalent of RealAudio.
The metrics delivered by 6th Sense can be viewed in a wide variety of ways, including by team, activity, time, tools used and even file extension.
ppt file extension is maintained and the file can be used as a normal PowerPoint presentation.
When saved the ASCII file must have a file extension of ".
Look at the file extension displayed by Outlook Express (the part of the filename following the last dot), which indicates the type of program needed to open the file.