file footage

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file′ foot`age

stock film footage, as scenes of crowds, cities, or events, kept for use in movies or on television.
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File footage of black-masked anarchists running amok in Seattle would illustrate stories about the dangers inherent in such events.
BUSH appears (via file footage and an accomplished stand-in) in tonight's premiere of ``Navy NCIS'' as a barbecue-loving president of the United States imperiled in the cross hairs of an assassin aboard Air Force One.
As tens of thousands of readers know, thanks to links from national blogs like Romenesko, Gawker and Huffington Post, and follow-up stories by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and KUAR-FM, three reporters (Pete Thompson and his wife, Courtney Collins, and Jack Hatley) and a photographer (Chris Jameson) were fired for using the KARK studios and file footage to assemble a couple of profanity-packed videos spoofing their industry and Arkansans.
The Public Prosecution enclosed the case file footage from the CCTV installed at the centre showing the defendant holding and kissing the little girl.
Highlights include file footage of Sergei Korolev, designer of the R-7 rocket that launched Sputnik, and a lucid illustration of Isaac Newton's concept of orbital velocity.
The documentary includes news and file footage of the life and times of Soviet Russia in the 1930s, in addition to interviews with Ann Applebaum, author of Gulag: A History; Joshua Rubenstein of Amnesty International; and Russian archivists and historians.
The types of file footage agencies consider providing the media will vary, but certain basic visuals will benefit most outlets.
While file footage and archival photography lend the work a flavor of authenticity, the filmmaker often superimposes images upon one another -- placing long-separated figures alongside one another, or else re-placing them in different locations.
The Fox affiliate took to Twitter to apologize, putting Wednesday's 'error' down to a mistake with file footage, the Huffington Post reports.
In all the file footage in recent days from his horrific career, have you noticed those spectacular outfits of his?
For instance, running file footage of sensational gas explosions, although questionable, makes some sense if you believe the Jennings explosion was an accident.