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(ˈfɪlɪstə) ,




1. (Building) Also called: fillister plane an adjustable plane for cutting rabbets, grooves, etc
2. (Building) Also called: sash fillister a rabbet or groove, esp one in a window sash bar for a pane of glass
[C19: of unknown origin]
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The Logic Century has a U-shape and anti-slip fillister that make the analyzer easy to carry.
In their hand they hold a dead bolt strike plate that needs screws, but they don't know the difference between wood screws and lag screws or round, flat and fillister heads.
To prevent the safety lever from rotating into the full-auto position, I made a safety lever stop from a # 8 fillister head screw for a stop.
The members of the commission are: Ms Fillister Baya, Ms Mahassin Haj Al-Saffi, James Bol Kajmal, Abdallah Ballah Al-Hardalou, Mohamed Taha Abu Samrah, Mukhtar Al-Asam and Al-Hadi Mohamed Ahmed Hassabou.
Fillister Head: very deep slot provides great driving grip, keeps screwdriver tip above work surface to prevent scratching
Are available in various head types (12 point, hex, flush, flat fillister, and pan) and drives in thread sizes -04 to -8 and diameters .
I did drill out the existing hole for the original indexing screw as I planned on using an 8x40 fillister head screw as the main attaching screw.