film industry

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: industry - the entertainment industries involved in producing and distributing movies
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
entertainment industry, show biz, show business - those involved in providing entertainment: radio and television and films and theater
Bollywood - the film industry of India
filmdom, screenland, screen - the personnel of the film industry; "a star of stage and screen"
Hollywood - the film industry of the United States
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Talking to reporter here on Saturday, she said that a section of film industry was involved in exhibition of Indian films just to make money.
They said that they devoted their entire life to learning music and singing, but fall of Pakistan film industry forced them to live hand to mouth.
The Global and China Automotive Solar Film Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the automotive solar film industry with a focus on the Chinese situation.
The Latino Film Industry spared no expense on Craft Services by hiring a globally recognized team of Chefs that just placed 3rd in a world championship.
Setting up a committee for the solution of the problems of film industry and cinema houses, the Chief Minister directed the committee to submit practicable proposals in this regard.
The first of its kind in the Gulf to document the evolution of the UAE film industry, the archive will be a permanent home for the work of Emirati films.
I had been receiving offers from South film industry for quite some time.
com/research/r5ht8g/global_ito_film) has announced the addition of the "Global ITO Film Industry Report 2015" report to their offering.
Bollywood movies were not only bringing Indian culture to Pakistan, but also damaging the Pakistani Film Industry, he claimed.
In the past, the Catholic Church-controlled Le Bureau de Censure had dominated Quebec's film industry, rejecting more than 7,000 films since 1913, but under new Liberal director Andre Guerin, Link and Dunning saw that Le Bureau, too, was about to undergo a transformation.
It's going to be a difficult situation to come up with universal regulations,'' said Jeffrey Douglas, an attorney and chair of the Free Speech Coalition, a trade group that represents the adult film industry.
He met up with an individual who was involved in the film industry and the two realized they had the same goals and could form a partnership focusing on music and film.