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The movie industry.


the cinema industry


(ˈfɪlm dəm)

the motion-picture industry.
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Noun1.filmdom - the personnel of the film industryfilmdom - the personnel of the film industry; "a star of stage and screen"
film industry, movie industry - the entertainment industries involved in producing and distributing movies
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Filmdom aside, she is a fierce champion for women's rights as well, as was made evident by her decision to work in a film such as Verna.
IANS Neha Dhupia feels people associated with Hindi filmdom should speak up more often on issues of concern and take stands.
That marked the beginning of a journey in filmdom that saw her work across Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi productions, leading her to become one of the most formidable actresses of the 1980s and 1990s in Bollywood - in fact, the only female "superstar" the industry has seen.
The fact that Kasaba is a Mammootty-starrer seems to have triggered the wave of trolls against Parvathy, given the huge fan following for the actor in Malayalam filmdom.
Rajinikanth, who is hailed as a 'Super Star' in the Indian filmdom, kept everyone guessing on whether he will join politics, began meeting fans in Chennai today in a six-day outreach that is widely expected to end with him revealing his plans on December 31, New Year's Eve.
The actor, who is awaiting the release of his film 'Chef', will be completing 25 years in the filmdom next year.
Throughout his six-decade career, he was able to conquer the stage, television and filmdom, and became the local benchmark in comedic wit, delivery and acting.
As interesting as the title and lead actor is the rest of the intriguing cast, with some big names from all over Indian filmdom.
Iranian filmdom owes him for the emerging enthusiasm among international audiences for Iranian films," Farhadi said.
The growing list of filmdom personalities who have questioned Chauhan's merit have included actors Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui,
Shamitabh, releasing Friday, also stars Dhanush and marks the debut of Akshara Haasan in filmdom.
Known as the company that gave local filmdom its biggest and highly-celebrated youth-oriented classic "Bagets" in the '80s, Viva Films now gives moviegoers "Diary ng Panget," a teen movie that aims to launch a new breed of fresh, young actors to stardom.