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1. A thin skin or membrane.
2. A thin, opaque, abnormal coating on the cornea of the eye.
3. A thin covering or coating: a film of dust on the piano.
4. A thin, flexible, transparent sheet, as of plastic, used in wrapping or packaging.
a. A thin sheet or strip of flexible material, such as a cellulose derivative or a thermoplastic resin, coated with a photosensitive emulsion and used to make photographic negatives or transparencies.
b. A thin sheet or strip of developed photographic negatives or transparencies.
a. A movie, especially one recorded on film.
b. The presentation of such a work.
c. A long, narrative movie.
d. Movies collectively, especially when considered as an art form.
v. filmed, film·ing, films
1. To cover with or as if with a film.
2. To record on film or video using a movie camera: film a rocket launch; film a scene from a ballet.
1. To become coated or obscured with or as if with a film: The window filmed over with moisture.
2. To make or shoot scenes for a movie.

[Middle English, from Old English filmen; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]


See also photography.

special effects, extras, and the like used in order to establish an intended background or mood for a film.
1. a film projector of the early 20th century.
2. British. a motion-picture theater.
the art or principles of making motion pictures.
the art or technique of motion-picture photography. — cinematographer, cinematographist, n. — cinematographic, adj.
language typical of the cinema, as that used in film dialogue or in film criticism.
avid moviegoing. — cinephile, n., adj.
a motion-picture camera.
an early name for a cinema, so called because of the five-cent admission charge. See also music.
an instrument that represents the effect of moving images on a screen.
the writer of scenarios, story lines for motion pictures.
a type of kinescope that presents the effect of moving pictures by use of a rotating glass plate with images attached to it.
an early form of motion-picture projector.
an early form of motion-picture projector.
References in classic literature ?
Her gown was of a soft white silky stuff that clung to her round young figure like a fish's skin, and it was rippled over with the gracefulest little fringy films of lace; she had deep, tender eyes, with long, curved lashes; and she had peachy cheeks, and a dimpled chin, and such a dear little rosebud of a mouth; and she was so dovelike, so pure, and so gracious, so sweet and so bewitching.
The green growths in the sides of the ravines burned up to broken wires and curled films of dead stuff; the hidden pools sank down and caked over, keeping the last least footmark on their edges as if it had been cast in iron; the juicy-stemmed creepers fell away from the trees they clung to and died at their feet; the bamboos withered, clanking when the hot winds blew, and the moss peeled off the rocks deep in the Jungle, till they were as bare and as hot as the quivering blue boulders in the bed of the stream.
She who had been married for years and had borne two children without ever having had the joy of one overwhelming kiss, would find romance at last, for an hour, as she identified herself with the charming heroines of the films.
The unsatisfactory appearance of it is due to the fact," said he, "that on descending the river the boat was upset and the case which contained the undeveloped films was broken, with disastrous results.
He leaned his head back and closed his eyes; and like a child, crying, that forgets its grief in watching the sunlight percolate through the tear-dimmed films over the pupils, so Martin forgot his sickness, the presence of Ruth, everything, in watching the masses of vegetation, shot through hotly with sunshine that took form and blazed against this background of his eyelids.
The stars blinked lazily in the dim vault overhead; and the full moon, rising in the east, touched with its light the myriads of wisps and threads and spidery films of smoke that intertwined and writhed and twisted along the deck, over the rails, and up the masts and shrouds.
These, glittering in the sunshine, might be compared to diverging rays of light; they were not, however, straight, but in undulations like films of silk blown by the wind.
Doing good to humanity was useless: the many-coloured efforts thereto spreading over the vast area like films and resulting in an universal grey.
The beauties of the sunset had not faded from the long light films of cloud that lay at peace in the horizon.
He knew that a yearning glance fell upon him, now and then, through a film of tears, but he refused recognition of it.
Soot had perched on a low branch and drawn up one leg and dropped the gray film drowsily over his eyes.
Do what he would, and love me though he did, the light left his face ever and again, and a film came over the placid look at the white ceiling.