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 (fĭl′tər-ə-bəl, fĭl′trə-) also fil·tra·ble (-trə-bəl)
1. Capable of being filtered or separated by filtering: filterable solutions of granular matter.
2. Capable of being passed through a given pore size.

fil′ter·a·bil′i·ty n.


(ˈfɪltərəbəl) or


1. (Chemistry) capable of being filtered
2. (Microbiology) (of most viruses and certain bacteria) capable of passing through the pores of a fine filter
ˌfilteraˈbility, ˈfilterableness n


(ˈfɪl tər ə bəl)

also filtrable

1. capable of being filtered.
2. capable of passing through bacteria-retaining filters.
fil`ter•a•bil′i•ty, fil′ter•a•ble•ness, n.
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001 wt% Cetananzahl: 53 motorized filterability (CFPP) according to DIN51428.
Improved filterability through superior fluid dynamics and improved system cleanliness
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RJA Dispersions' new FX dispersions provide ultra stability and filterability.
The company's nonwovens composed of ultrafine fiber realize well filterability and texture and are used in a wide range of application areas, including liquid filters, air filters, battery separators, capacitor separators, coalescers, medical products, HVAC, HEPA, cabin air filters, acoustics, water purifiers, coffee filters and household products.
A full suspension sample size (15 mL) is not tested due to the presence of cellulose which interferes with filterability.
Delo has demonstrated exceptional filterability and protection against sludge formation; protection against valve train wear and injector adjusting screw wear; oxidation resistance; piston cleanliness; bearing corrosion.
Red blood cell filterability was measured in Carat FT-1 Filtrometer (Carat Diagnostics Ltd.
However, like animal-derived media additives, plant derived hydrolysates are not free from risk of mycoplasma contamination and filterability varies lot to lot, presenting filterability challenges.
These issues are often caused by the high viscosity of the broth, and poor filterability caused by the cells in the broth.
Chromatography paper is used by chemical engineers to determine simply the filterability of muds and slurries.
Waxing and fuel filterability problems with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO's) standard diesel fuel, F54, during cold weather created severe problems for the engines of M1 Abrams main battle tanks and other gasoline turbine-powered equipment when they were introduced to U.