filtration surgery

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Noun1.filtration surgery - eye surgery that opens a passage allowing excess aqueous humor to drain into surrounding tissues; a treatment for glaucoma
eye operation, eye surgery - any surgical procedure involving the eyes
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All enrolled PG eyes had functional blebs in the first 6 months after the filtration surgery.
Laser iridotomy has been shown to be an effective primary therapy for early PACG, although advanced cases require further treatment with topical medication or filtration surgery.
The cataract surgery is recommended to be done through a clear corneal incision in order to save the overlying conjunctiva for any future filtration surgery.
The trial will assess the safety and long-term tolerability of the product in patients with advanced glaucoma undergoing filtration surgery due to uncontrollable elevated intraocular pressure.
IOPtiMate uses CO2 laser technology and allows filtration surgery, which treats glaucoma without penetrating the inner part of the eyeball.
The procedure, also called glaucoma filtration surgery, is done to reduce pressure that builds up inside the eye.
d) Consideration of trabeculectomy filtration surgery to reduce the IOP
Cataract formation and progression of pre-existing cataract can take place after filtration procedures, being the main cause of early visual loss after filtration surgery.
The technique of the filtration surgery has also undergone changes to enhance the success rate such as anti-fibrosing agents, releasable and adjustable sutures, laser suture lysis and non-penetrating procedures.
But if eye drops are unsuccessful, either laser surgery or glaucoma filtration surgery (or both) may be necessary.