Fin ray

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(Anat.) one of the hornlike, cartilaginous, or bony, dermal rods which form the skeleton of the fins of fishes.

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Characteristics useful for separating larval and juvenile finescale menhaden from gulf menhaden included 1) the presence or absence of pigment at the base of the insertion of the pelvic fins; 2) the standard length at which medial predorsal pigment occurs; 3) differences in the number of dorsal fin ray elements; and, 4) the number of vertebrae.
The MultiChoiceGripper combines two development fields--adaptive finger technology using Festo's Fin Ray structures and a mechanical linkage that changes the position of the fingers from 'opposing' to 'surrounding'.
Pelvic-fin posterior tip from 2nd to 3rd anal-fin ray in males, from 1st to 2nd anal fin ray in females.
Aplikace Fin Ray principu pro automatizaci vyrobnich procesu.
4) and in other cottoids by Jackson (2004); spine, a sharp needle-shaped bony structure on a dermal tubercle or other ossicle (Taurulus); spinule, a tiny spine projecting from a larger spine or horn; spinulose tubercle, a tubercle covered with many tiny spinules (Triglopsis); spiny rod, a spine-bearing fin ray of the paired fins (e.
Each fin ray is composed of a pair of hemirays, which are concave structures that consist of multiple bony segments joined at the end.
Dawson (1982) dropped the subspecies designation, using the combination of trunk rings (modally 18), tail rings (33-34), and dorsal fin ray counts (37-41) to separate S.
00): (0) single long first ray connected to two proximal radials; (1) long fin ray connected to two proximal radials, preceded by one or two short fin rays.