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v. fi·na·gled, fi·na·gling, fi·na·gles
1. To obtain or achieve by cleverness or deceit, especially in persuading someone: finagle a day off from work; finagled a reservation at the popular restaurant.
2. To cheat; swindle: shady stockbrokers who finagle their clients out of fortunes.
To use clever or deceitful means to obtain or achieve something.

[Probably from dialectal fainaigue, to cheat.]

fi·na′gler n.


the use of trickery or craftiness to achieve one's aims
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Most folks you'll find calling for a level playing field are usually just finagling for a favor, seeking an advantage or working hard to promote their own selfish, self-interest.
The country's largest private equity firms are being investigated on suspicion of finagling themselves out of paying taxes by turning fees into fund investments.
One analyst accused the regime of finagling and said the government statisticians moved Turkey from the developed world to the developing world in order to show the government was shifting its trade patterns to developing countries.
Nothing seemed out of reach for Rodriguez to turn them into money-making machines, including staging public outings and then tipping off the paparazzi, and even finagling free cosmetic surgery deals; all for a publicity fee, of course.
And followed by day after day of sniping, scare-mongering, finagling and double-crossing.
These carry the story against a background of political finagling and a total blackout of sunlight, caused by an unexpected near collision with an asteroid trailing huge dust clouds in its wake.
The stimulus posturing, debating and finagling is now over, a done deal.
Guinevere Pettigrew is the anti-Mary Poppins, a London governess who has been fired so many times for trying to impose her Victorian morals on her 1930s streamline moderne employers, that, half-starved, she descends to finagling a job she's utterly unqualified for as the social secretary to the ambitious American actress.
Elsewhere, Kaphar discards frames entirely--presenting canvases in disheveled heaps, like discarded garments--or overpaints turn-of-the-century portrait-studio photographs, turning white to black and finagling prosperous sitters into mixed marriages.
Daniel Shea's crusade results in an explosive collision between organized crime and national politics, which leads to the emergence of Carlo Tramonti, boss of New Orleans, who challenges Michael's political finagling before the crime families.
Stretching the conventions of the genre to breaking point, Defoe plays with pirates in similar fashion to Terry Pratchett's finagling of swords and sorcery.