final payment

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: payment - the final payment of a debtfinal payment - the final payment of a debt    
payment - a sum of money paid or a claim discharged
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The deals start with the Suzuki Celerio SZ2 City car that is now available for PS90 a month over 48 months with a deposit of PS1,945 plus an optional final payment of PS2,205 to keep the car.
Approved acceptance of work and final payment to Potelco, Inc.
Biodefense company PharmAthene (NYSE MKT:PIP) revealed on Wednesday that it has received the final payment of USD83.
The AEC has authorised the second and final payment to political parties and candidates for votes received at the 2016 federal election.
00 Final Payment PS20,002 Duration of Agreement 37 Months Range Rover 3.
Optional final payment PS5,967, Total Amount Payable PS13,360 0.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 18, 2016-UK authorities recover final payment from Icesave
TSX Venture: SMY) has made the final payment under the option agreement with the Quinlans and acquired an undivided 100% interest in the Fox Harbour Claims, the company said on Friday.
M2 PHARMA-November 26, 2014-Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reaches final payment decision concerning Exact Sciences' Cologuard test
month over a 36-m And the optional just PS3,210, which the final payment in this class.
Sportingbet pay US dues SPORTINGBET, sponsor of the Queen Mother Champion Chase, have made a final payment of $6 million to the US Justice Department as per a 2010 settlement over alleged illegal internet gambling.
International Resource News-July 11, 2011--Treaty Energy Corporation makes final payment for acquisition of two leases in Texas(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.

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