financial loss

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: loss - loss of money or decrease in financial value
nonpayment, nonremittal, default - loss resulting from failure of a debt to be paid
capital loss - the amount by which the purchase price of an asset exceeds the selling price; the loss is realized when the asset is sold
loss - something that is lost; "the car was a total loss"; "loss of livestock left the rancher bankrupt"
wear and tear, depreciation - decrease in value of an asset due to obsolescence or use
losings, losses - something lost (especially money lost at gambling)
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Ye'll make a voyage upon the water very soon, and have a financial loss.
By the two signs," answers Tobin, trying to explain, "which ye display according to the reading of the Egyptian palmist from the sole of me hand, ye've been nominated to offset with good luck the lines of trouble leading to the nigger man and the blonde lady with her feet crossed in the boat, besides the financial loss of a dollar sixty-five, all so far fulfilled according to Hoyle.
For the dependence is upon ye to obviate the curse of the nigger man and the blonde lady and the financial loss of the one-sixty-five.
Half a crown a week would have covered James's financial loss.
He said it was not possible at that time to make a conclusive statement pertaining to any financial loss by the Fund, stating that the Fund and the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA), were undertaking legal processes, which should provide such information.
In Thursday's hearing, the lawyer representing the dairy farmers said that they were facing financial loss on sale of milk at Rs.
This could land homeowners with a huge financial loss or even result in a failed claim - which is the last thing burglary victims need at an already distressing time.
One of the benefits of life insurance is that it covers the financial loss of your heirs created by your untimely demise.
Deposits and Guarantees required: The bidder has a liability insurance within the meaning of 102 in conjunction with 100 of the Insurance Contract Act, giving it an insurance for any personal injury, property damage and financial loss, the HMC or a third party arising from or in connection with the performance of its obligations pursuant to this contract arise and for which he is liable under the statutory provisions, granted to entertain.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The parliamentary finance committee's member, Husam al-Uqabi revealed that Iraq suffered a financial loss amounted to more than 4 billion dollars.
QBE said it has launched a new transactional liability insurance to provide financial loss protection from a merger or acquisition transaction.
Component Parts: Reimburses the financial loss from a covered insured event resulting from the use of component parts in the general manufacturing, electronic, medical device, automotive and aviation industry.

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