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Powis Castle is a bushy plant with fine-textured, silvery gray foliage that grows 2 to 3 feet tall and wide.
Theories about why birds specifically consume soils range from use of large particles (grit) for grinding ingesta (Diamond, 1999), to the consumption of fine-textured soils with elevated mineral content for mineral supplementation and/or elevated cation exchange capacities for use in detoxifying plant metabolites (Brightsmith et al.
The back of the spoon is as fine-textured on the tongue as if it were perfectly smooth.
The PST performed on the remoulded fine-textured soil without any wetting and drying cycle at 0.
The typical American diet is loaded with highly refined grains that have been stripped of many of their nutrients and milled into a fine-textured carbohydrate.
This drought-tolerant warm-season South African grass withstands high traffic, is fine-textured enough for play areas, and exhibits excellent durability in yards with dogs.
Its fine-textured particles tend to clump tightly together.
It features a low-friction, fine-textured polypropylene surface that's kept rigid by a high-impact polymer core, giving users consistent tracking performance across the entire pad.
5% purified oat beta-glucan, a light, fine-textured, whitish powder, to low-fat yogurt.
5 percent purified oat beta-glucan--a light, fine-textured, whitish powder--to low-fat yogurt mix and compared the results to yogurt mix with no oat fiber.
New lawns require only a loose fraction of an inch of a fine-textured mulch to allow the grass to push its way through.