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fine 1

adj. fin·er, fin·est
a. Of superior quality, skill, or appearance: a fine day; a fine wine.
b. Excellent in character or ability: a fine person; a fine writer.
2. Very small in size, weight, or thickness: fine type; fine paper.
a. Free from impurities.
b. Metallurgy Containing pure metal in a specified proportion or amount: gold 21 carats fine.
4. Very sharp; keen: a blade with a fine edge.
5. Thin; slender: fine hairs.
6. Carefully or delicately made or done: fine china. See Synonyms at exquisite.
7. Consisting of very small particles; not coarse: fine dust.
a. Marginally different or subtle: a fine difference.
b. Able to make or detect effects of great subtlety or precision; sensitive: has a fine eye for color.
9. Trained to the highest degree of physical efficiency: a fine racehorse.
10. Characterized by refinement or elegance: people in the finest society.
11. Satisfactory; acceptable: Handing in your paper on Monday is fine.
12. Being in a state of satisfactory health; quite well: "How are you?" "I'm fine."
13. Used as an intensive: a fine mess.
1. Finely.
2. Informal Very well: doing fine.
tr. & intr.v. fined, fin·ing, fines
To make or become finer, purer, or cleaner.

[Middle English fin, from Old French, from Latin fīnis, end, supreme degree.]

fine′ness n.

fine 2

1. A sum of money required to be paid especially to the government as a penalty for an offense.
2. Obsolete An end; a termination.
tr.v. fined, fin·ing, fines
To require the payment of a fine from; impose a fine on.
in fine
1. In conclusion; finally.
2. In summation; in brief.

[Middle English fin, from Old French, settlement, compensation, from Medieval Latin fīnis, from Latin, end.]

fin′a·ble, fine′a·ble adj.

fi·ne 3

n. Music
The end.

[Italian, from Latin fīnis, end.]


a variant spelling of finable
ˈfineableness n


or fine•a•ble

(ˈfaɪ nə bəl)

subject to a fine.
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Adj.1.fineable - liable to a fine
guilty - responsible for or chargeable with a reprehensible act; "guilty of murder"; "the guilty person"; "secret guilty deeds"
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Its killing is fineable in the amount of 500 to 700 calculated indicators or correctional labor for up to 2 years, or imprisonment for up to 2-5 years.
In view of the new traffic law, Egypt Today newspaper summarized the punishable articles, fineable offences, and major reforms to Egyptian traffic law in 44 years as follow: * Traffic officers are to spot the traffic offences and register them electronically and stop writing down the offences in a notebook.
CAN someone tell me why it's a fineable offence to scatter litter on the public thoroughfare but not on public transport?
Along with the hot weather has come an increase in bad driving, possibly coinciding with the announcement by parliament to suspend traffic fines until the end of the year for offences caught on camera, although jumping a red light will still be a fineable offence.
As a means of managing this illegal behaviour, the decision was made to put up the signs to raise awareness of the site s designation as a SSSI and to make it clear that vehicle access is illegal and a fineable offence.