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1. In a fine manner; splendidly.
2. To a fine point; discriminatingly.
3. In small pieces or parts: finely chopped nuts.


1. into small pieces; minutely
2. precisely or subtly
3. splendidly or delicately


(ˈfaɪn li)

1. in a fine manner; excellently.
2. in fine particles or pieces: finely chopped onions.
[1275–1325; Middle English fineliche]



Fine is usually an adjective, but in conversation you can also use it as an adverb. Fine has three main meanings.

1. used to mean 'very good'

You can use it to say that something is very good or impressive.

He gave a fine performance.
From the top there is a fine view.

When you use fine like this, you can use words such as very or extremely in front of it.

He's intelligent and he'd do a very fine job.
This is an unusually fine piece of work.

You can't use fine as an adverb with this meaning, but you can use the adverb finely in front of an -ed participle.

This is a finely crafted story.
2. used to mean 'satisfactory'

You can also use fine to say that something is satisfactory or acceptable.

'Do you want more milk?' – 'No, this is fine.'

If you say that you are fine, you mean that your health is satisfactory.

'How are you?' – 'Fine, thanks.'

When you use fine to mean 'satisfactory', don't use 'very' in front of it. However, you can use just.

Everything is just fine.
'Is she settling down in England?' – 'Oh, she's just fine.'

In conversation, you can use fine as an adverb to mean 'satisfactorily' or 'well'.

We got on fine.
I was doing fine.

Be Careful!
Don't use 'finely' in sentences like these. Don't say, for example, 'We got on finely'.

3. used to mean 'small' or 'narrow'

You can also use fine to say that something is very narrow, or consists of very small or narrow parts.

She has long, fine hair.

When you use fine like this, you can use words such as very in front of it.

These pins are very fine and won't split the wood.

You can use finely as an adverb with this meaning.

Put the mixture in the bowl and add a cup of finely chopped onions.
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Adv.1.finely - in tiny pieces; "the surfaces were finely granular"
coarsely - in coarse pieces; "the surfaces were coarsely granular"
2.finely - in an elegant manner; "finely costumed actors"
3.finely - in a delicate manner; "finely shaped features"; "her fine drawn body"
بِصورَةٍ دَقيقَه أو ناعِمَه أو رقيقَه
çok iyiinceden inceye


[ˈfaɪnlɪ] ADV
1. (= splendidly, well) [dressed, written] → con elegancia
2. (= delicately) [carved, woven] → delicadamente
a finely detailed embroideryun bordado trabajado con mucho detalle
this could upset the whole finely balanced processesto podría trastornar el precario equilibrio del proceso
3. (= very small) [chopped] → en trozos muy menudos, muy fino; [sliced] → en rodajas finas, en lonchas finas
4. (= with precision) [tuned, judged] → con precisión


[ˈfaɪnli] adv
[chop, slice, grate] → finement
(= well) [observed, drawn, engineered] → bien
finely balanced adj [decision] → délicat(e); [arguments] → de même poids
The arguments are very finely balanced
BUT Les arguments ont chacun leur poids. (= equal) [contest] → équilibré(e)fine print n
the fine print [contract] → les clauses imprimées en petits caractères


(= exquisitely) crafted, detailed, carvedfein
(= thinly, in small pieces) chop, grate, grindfein; slicedünn; finely ground coffeefein gemahlener Kaffee; finely dicedfein gewürfelt, in feine Würfel geschnitten; finely slicedfein geschnitten, in dünne Scheiben geschnitten
(= subtly, delicately)fein; the case is finely balancedder Fall kann sich so oder so entscheiden; a finely judged speecheine wohl ausgewogene Rede; finely drawn distinctionsfeine Unterschiede; finely tuned (engine, machine)genau eingestellt; (fig) military/party/administrative machinegut geölt; (= ultrasensitive)hochempfindlich


[ˈfaɪnlɪ] adv
a. (written, sewn) → con raffinatezza
b. (chop) → finemente; (adjust) → con precisione


(fain) adjective
1. (usually of art etc) very good; of excellent quality. fine paintings; a fine performance.
2. (of weather) bright; not raining. a fine day.
3. well; healthy. I was ill yesterday but I am feeling fine today!
4. thin or delicate. a fine material.
5. careful; detailed. Fine workmanship is required for such delicate embroidery.
6. made of small pieces, grains etc. fine sand; fine rain.
7. slight; delicate. a fine balance; a fine distinction.
8. perfectly satisfactory. There's nothing wrong with your work – it's fine.
satisfactorily. This arrangement suits me fine.
good; well done etc. You've finished already – fine!
ˈfinely adverb
ˈfinery noun
beautiful clothes, jewellery etc. I arrived in all my finery.
fine art
art that appeals immediately to the senses, eg painting, sculpture, music etc. Painting is one of the fine arts.
References in classic literature ?
But these were mere trifles, and they assured their mother that the experiment was working finely.
The young Huron was in his war paint, and very little of a finely molded form was concealed by his attire.
Like certain chintzes, calicoes, and ginghams, they show finely in their first newness, but cannot stand the sun and rain, and assume a very sober aspect after washing-day.
So long as each of them could bring home nine or ten dollars a week, they were able to get along finely.
Her dress was of the neatest possible fit, and set off to advantage her finely moulded shape;--a delicately formed hand and a trim foot and ankle were items of appearance that did not escape the quick eye of the trader, well used to run up at a glance the points of a fine female article.
They were finely and fashionably dressed, their manners were quite superb, and they led an easy, careless, comfortable life.
Colonel Lloyd kept a large and finely cultivated garden, which afforded almost constant employment for four men, besides the chief gardener, (Mr.
I sometimes regretted that I was not handsomer; I sometimes wished to have rosy cheeks, a straight nose, and small cherry mouth; I desired to be tall, stately, and finely developed in figure; I felt it a misfortune that I was so little, so pale, and had features so irregular and so marked.
The high ceiling, once finely carved and gilt, was foul with dirt and cobwebs; the naked walls at either end of the room were stained with damp; and the cold of the marble floor struck through the narrow strip of matting laid down, parallel with the windows, as a foot-path for passengers across the wilderness of the room.
In the little world in which children have their existence whosoever brings them up, there is nothing so finely perceived and so finely felt, as injustice.
We shall be finely helped, if the churl Saxons should have realized your Grace's vision, of converting feudal drawbridges into gibbets; and yonder bold-spirited Cedric seemeth one to whom such an imagination might occur.
Her eyes and hair were hazel-nut color; and her teeth, the upper row of which she displayed freely, were like fine Portland stone, and sloped outward enough to have spoilt her mouth, had they not been supported by a rich under lip, and a finely curved, impudent chin.