finger food

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fin′ger food`

food intended to be eaten with the fingers.
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Noun1.finger food - food to be eaten with the fingersfinger food - food to be eaten with the fingers  
aliment, alimentation, nourishment, nutriment, sustenance, victuals, nutrition - a source of materials to nourish the body
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Latin Finger Food Concession Stand, in a premiere shopping mall with mostly latin clients, owned by one of the most renowned mall owners.
A simple and nutrient-packed first finger food is berries cut into small pieces.
Easier Catering Chalmers has many times when we are in need of lunches, finger food and buffets as both smaller and larger meetings and academic events and celebrations.
These make great photograph holders or food label holders if you have a small table for cheeses or finger food.
From finger food, tapas, pizzas to meal in a bowl, dumplings, burgers and a hearty portion of mains .
I'm exploring cakes, finger food and cups [for the new factory]," he said.
A MERSEYSIDE hospital has launched a finger food menu to help patients with dementia.
From Chicken-n-Waffles to Homemade Hostess Mini-Cupcakes and small meat loaves, this pairs color photos of all completed dishes with recipes designed with finger food partying in mind.
Nigella will be rustling up a fast supper from Asia, a teatime treat and lone indulgence from Italy and fabulous finger food from Spain.
But she added: "Part of the appeal of finger food is the way it turns eating into the multi-sensory ritual it once was.
This finger food speciality was among a number of new Vici products introduced during the recently held European Seafood Exposition in Brussels.
The baby-led weaning movement advocates, in a nutshell, giving infants solid finger food and allowing them to master eating for themselves, rather than spoon-feeding them purees.