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Noun1.finger spelling - an alphabet of manual signs
sign language, signing - language expressed by visible hand gestures
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The smart glove is [normally] made in such a way that it works only in limited places, they are preprogrammed and widely being used with finger spelling," he told The Daily Star, spelling out his name with his hand.
Part 4 reviews treatments for impaired communication, such as sign language, finger spelling, hearing aids, and Cochlear implants.
I loved the way the author covers the background history as well as ALS and finger spelling in such a clear way giving me a greater understanding.
Classes will include an overview of the deaf perspective, finger spelling, numbers, meet-and-greet signs and other signs you indicate you wish to know.
Finger spelling is the manual reproduction of English using the hands and fingers and is often combined with sign language.
Staff and volunteers from Women Connect First in Neville Street, Riverside, received deaf awareness training from RNID Cymru, learning about the causes of hearing loss and its impact on everyday lives, plus finger spelling and British Sign Language.
He likes it in any form--gestures, finger spelling, dialogue on television shows, the logo for his favorite restaurant and talks about vehicles with his father, Mark, a fireman.
It is slower than signing which makes it the more preferable communication system for those who do not read sign, and with deaf-blind persons who can interpret finger spelling in their hands, but cannot interpret sign due to sight deficiencies (Sherrill 2004).
Perhaps more importantly in the wider community, children around four or five can progress to learning finger spelling - which means they can then also communicate with hearing-impaired people whose only language is sign language.
NIDRR's first rehabilitation robotics grant was awarded in 1988 to Gaulladet University (Washington, DC) for the project "Robotic finger spelling hand for communication and access to text by deaf-blind persons.