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The act of blaming someone for something; the imputation of blame.


the imputation of blame or responsibility.
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Noun1.finger-pointing - the imputation of blame; "they want all the finger-pointing about intelligence failures to stop"
imputation - a statement attributing something dishonest (especially a criminal offense); "he denied the imputation"
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No doubt there will be the usual finger-pointing when it reports.
SEAN LAMONT is fed up of disappointing Six Nations campaigns and called for Scotland's players to hold a frank session of finger-pointing in the wake of the loss to Wales.
A bigwig at the BP crisis centre in Houston said: "We all know there is finger-pointing going on in Washington, but there's no finger-pointing going on here.
I'm not surewhat ProfTallis thinks but it seems to me that this kind of accusatory finger-pointing represents one of the more distasteful sides of human nature.
Jewell was handed a two-match touchline ban - suspended for 12 months - and a pounds 2,000 fine for his finger-pointing rant at referee Phil Dowd following Wigan's 2-1 defeat at Arsenal.
Wilson's story is told in flashbacks from the fumbled 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and its finger-pointing aftermath.
Second, don't reinforce the image of Democrats as unherdable cats by getting into a lot of finger-pointing or purges.
The literal finger-pointing motif ("They are not letting me in
Nevertheless, I have come to the conclusion that the most important thing at this juncture is to resolve things so that all the finger-pointing can stop and the rebuilding can proceed.
Finger-pointing didn't help much beyond 30 meters, but the students could at least estimate the direction in which the bee was heading when last seen, which bee researchers refer to as "the vanishing bearing.
When this is not done, the reinsurer may forfeit credibility when finger-pointing over ostensible exceptions.
Already in the early '90s, certain critics were balking at Fred Wilson's museum interventions and his peculiar brand of materialist historicism, levying charges that the artist's finger-pointing politics were not only too overt but, worse still, passe.