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v. fin·ger·picked, fin·ger·pick·ing, fin·ger·picks
To play a stringed instrument, such as the guitar or banjo, by plucking individual strings with the fingers.
To play (a stringed instrument) by plucking individual strings with the fingers.
n. or finger pick
A pointed, slightly curved plectrum worn on the fingertip, used in playing a stringed instrument such as the guitar or banjo.

fin′ger·pick′er n.


vb (intr)
to pluck the strings of an instrument with the fingers
a plectrum worn on the finger (rather than on the thumb)
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Haunting and altogether more compelling is Rolling On, with bright fingerpicking, hazy atmospherics and major/minor feints.
There's also "Song in Stone," which features a deft fingerpicking arrangement and wistful melody that bring to mind the late Nick Drake.
Portland-based Robb's new release, "Cool on the Bloom," features 12 tracks of his signature fingerpicking style.
Playing Style: Fingerpicking styles are much easier to play with lighter-gauge strings.
With occasional touches of fingerpicking, the sound is solo Carlebach, unadorned by Okun's arrangements and unsupported by a professional choir.
Known for his dynamic vocal and fingerpicking guitar style, together with a tendency to step away from the mic and play directly in the crowd which creates a unique, special and emotive experience for audiences.
The guitar got the attention of Guitar Maker magazine and became a favorite of 1981 National Fingerpicking Guitarist Champion Harvey Reid.
Like Crosby, Stills & Nash, or Kansas, stories are woven through intricate fingerpicking and soaring harmonic vocals.
The music is written in standard notation but it is strictly a sing and strum approach (covering three basic strums and five introductory chords) and does not teach single-note melodies, fingerpicking or other musical concepts such as note and rest values.
He learned British folk songs and sang them in an amiable tenor, and he was drawn to ragtime and the blues, particularly the fingerpicking complexity of early rural blues.
The night before our meeting at the hotel bar, as part of a Conor Oberst-headlined show at New York's ornately decorated Beacon Theatre, Marling took the stage solo, her hair newly shorn into a style resembling Carl Dreyer's Joan of Arc, fiercely fingerpicking her way through a pair of thundering and severe new songs.
canzone di protesta e del folk nonche del fingerpicking, un maledetto