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Noun1.fingerpointing - the imputation of blame; "they want all the finger-pointing about intelligence failures to stop"
imputation - a statement attributing something dishonest (especially a criminal offense); "he denied the imputation"
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Filipinos should stop blaming others and the habit of fingerpointing.
I believe they can park the fingerpointing and cheap politics and focus on the bigger prize - a Scotland where people aren't forced to endure the bitterness of others.
The delay sparked a round of fingerpointing among agencies and complaints that Mr Trump should have released all records.
Yet again, there was no one fingerpointing or anyone having a go at their team-mates telling them to sort themselves out, like someone like Gary Hamilton would have in our Boro days.
This is not the right time for us to do fingerpointing kung kaninong failure 'yon (on whose failure that is).
The burly pensioner, who has endured close to 40 years of fingerpointing for the terrible crime, rounded on acclaimed criminologist Professor David Wilson who grilled him during Sunday's Channel 4 documentary.
Swinney insisted the tests were "not about adding to the burden, creating league tables, or having a fingerpointing culture" but were for gathering data to find out how best to support young people.
But when all the eye-gouging, fingerpointing, ref-conning mayhem had subsided, Spurs were left looking on enviously.
The staff and players need to work together and to get the best out of us and if things go wrong then it's not a fingerpointing exercise at him or us.
England will fly home next week where the recriminations have already begun and Morgan feels any fingerpointing should be directed at the players rather than the coach.
It's not easy being pope, or any type of leader, in this era of instantaneous communication, and constant and incessant chatter, and free-form fact-making and fingerpointing.
Rose did not agree - and a fingerpointing argument continued at the final whistle.