fingerprint specialist

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Noun1.fingerprint specialist - a specialist in identifying fingerprints
specialiser, specialist, specializer - an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
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While other regular employees are homebound, PVAO fingerprint specialist Ronaldo Ignacio is not.
Today's line-up features robot surgery expert Aimee Di Marco, Facebook's Simon Cross, Jennifer Gardy of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, European Spotify GM Jonathan Forster and Sheffield Hallam University-based fingerprint specialist Simona Francese.
After the war, Pc Jackson became a fingerprint specialist.
As a retired crime scene investigator and fingerprint specialist, I read Radley Balko's "CSI: Mississippi" (November) with great interest.
And yesterday American fingerprint specialist David Grieve - who helped clear McKie at her perjury trial in 1999 - said the FBI had asked him to keep quiet about the case before the Lockerbie trial began in The Hague in February 2000.
But training didn't pay and, after a spell at college, Hine joined the FBI as a fingerprint specialist, and played poker with J.
Any "hits" from the fingerprint match are returned to the hub for review by a fingerprint specialist, before transmitting to the booking site.
Her father became a fingerprint specialist and was head of the West Midlands fingerprint unit where detection rates went up while he was in charge from 1960 until he retired in 1970.
In law enforcement applications, a fingerprint specialist will then visually compare full images to make a final "identification" using established techniques of fingerprint science.
He also spent two years as a fingerprint specialist for the FBI.
While the lab is equipped for latent fingerprint processing, it has only one fingerprint specialist, meaning that much work must be shipped to the main lab in Whittier.