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a. A mark left on a surface by a person's fingertip.
b. An image of the ridges on a person's fingertip made by putting ink on the fingertip and pressing it against a surface or by using a digital scanning device.
2. A distinctive or identifying mark or characteristic: "We can, from his retelling [of the incident], with its particular fingerprint of stresses and omissions, learn a great deal about him" (Mark Slouka).
b. A chemical fingerprint.
tr.v. fin·ger·print·ed, fin·ger·print·ing, fin·ger·prints
To take the fingerprints of.


(ˈfɪŋ gərˌprɪn tɪŋ)
1. the act or procedure of taking fingerprints.
2. the use of a DNA probe for the unique identification of an individual.
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Noun1.fingerprinting - the procedure of taking inked impressions of a person's fingerprints for the purpose of identificationfingerprinting - the procedure of taking inked impressions of a person's fingerprints for the purpose of identification
procedure, process - a particular course of action intended to achieve a result; "the procedure of obtaining a driver's license"; "it was a process of trial and error"
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Despite these advances, fingerprinting is not an exact science.
Which of the three fingerprinting methods--dusting with baby powder, dusting with salt, or not dusting--lifted the best print?
A secondary objective was to assess the role of fingerprinting in helping to prioritize and focus contact investigations.
1] This problem goes beyond just the issue of entering persons into NCIC; it resonates to include fingerprinting and conducting wanted person checks on recently arrested individuals.
For personal injury attorney Harry Scolinos, the idea to start his own fingerprinting business came from his golfing partner.
As currently practiced by a handful of laboratories, the genetic identification technique known as DNA fingerprinting offers a valid and useful way to collar criminals and exonerate innocent people, a panel of scientists and legal experts state last week.
IBT plans to use this as a foundation to establish a statewide fingerprinting network to be able to process over 900,000 applicants in the state of Florida.
Among clustered TB cases, DNA fingerprinting analysis of isolates with similar and identical fingerprints helped us discover epidemiologic links missed during routine tuberculosis contact investigations.
Fingerprinting isn't just for police rap sheets anymore.
Changes regarding the acceptance of deficient fingerprint cards and the new live-scan fingerprinting technology should alleviate this particular problem.
DNA fingerprinting is a powerful technique that can help send dangerous felons to jail, they agree, but if used improperly, the test might help convict an innocent person.
In both trials, a techniqe called DNA fingerprinting -- used to compare the defendants' genetic makeup with DNA contained in semen found on the victims' bodies -- was pivotal in bringing about the guilty verdicts.