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1. Architecture A sculptured ornament, often in the shape of a leaf or flower, at the top of a gable, pinnacle, or similar structure.
2. An ornamental terminating part, as on a post or piece of furniture.

[Middle English, last, finial, variant of final; see final.]


1. (Architecture) an ornament on top of a spire, gable, etc, esp in the form of a foliated fleur-de-lys
2. (Furniture) an ornament at the top of a piece of furniture, etc
[C14: from finial (adj), variant of final]
ˈfinialed adj


(ˈfɪn i əl, ˈfaɪ ni-)

1. a relatively small ornamental terminal feature at the top of a gable or spire.
2. a terminating ornament, as on the top of a post or a piece of furniture.
3. a curve terminating the main stroke of the characters in some italic type fonts.
[1400–50; < Anglo-French *finial or Anglo-Latin *finiālis, alter. of Latin finālis; see final]


- The decorative knob on the top of a lamp, holding the shade on.
See also related terms for lamp.
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Noun1.finial - an ornament at the top of a spire or gable; usually a foliated fleur-de-lis
decoration, ornament, ornamentation - something used to beautify
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Objects on display at the VG&M's Waterloo Lives: Relics & Remembrance display, opening on June 6, include the Eagle standard finial of the French 105th Infantry Regiment, which was captured by Captain Alexander Kennedy Clark, 1st (or Royal) Dragoons.
Suffering pangs of conscience, the finial phantom returned the piece.
Tenders are invited for Pvc Coated Curtain Rod 1 Dia With All Accessories And Fitting / Fixing With 2 Bracket And 2 Finial
FINIAL should be hard to beat making a first venture into handicap company in the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Nursery Stakes at Goodwood.
Black And Gold Stripe Finial Decoration reduced to PS7 from PS10 each.
Ng says he wanted to create the illusion that the newel and handrail were created from a single piece of wood flowing into the Bird's Egg finial.
AV-Engineering set about replicating the design of the finial on top of the posts to make them big enough to take the equipment and still keep the look of the original.
Samuelson informed the crowd that the gold-leaf on the finial was donated by the family of John J.
Cox has recently taken delivery of a Dutch Art two-year-old filly called Finial, who is out of a half-sister to Palatial, dam of 1,000 Guineas runner-up Spacious.
The finial is made of bronze, but may have had the appearance of gold to the thieves.
It is believed that each pole would get a new rope to raise and lower its flag, called a halyard, and an ornamental top called a finial.