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[Probably from fine.]

fin′i·cal·ly adv.


another word for finicky
ˌfiniˈcality n
ˈfinically adv
ˈfinicalness n


or fin•nick•y

(ˈfɪn ɪ ki)

also fin•i•king

(ˈfɪn ɪ kɪŋ)

adj. -ick•i•er, -ick•i•est.
excessively particular or fastidious.
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Adj.1.finical - exacting especially about details; "a finicky eater"; "fussy about clothes"; "very particular about how her food was prepared"
fastidious - giving careful attention to detail; hard to please; excessively concerned with cleanliness; "a fastidious and incisive intellect"; "fastidious about personal cleanliness"


References in classic literature ?
Whereas, some merchant ships crossing each other's wake in the mid-Atlantic, will oftentimes pass on without so much as a single word of recognition, mutually cutting each other on the high seas, like a brace of dandies in Broadway; and all the time indulging, perhaps, in finical criticism upon each other's rig.
This latest development comes after UNRWA announced a possible delay in starting the school year due to persisting finical crisis that were later addressed by the donations of several countries, including the European Union and Saudi Arabia.
The Company also has appointed a two-member Advisory Board to assist management with strategies, project evaluations, marketing, and finical stability.
Lukashevich warned that the oil illegitimate trafficking would contribute, to a great deal, to boosting the finical capabilities of the terrorist organizations.
Spam is still a main source for finical gains for cyber criminals and they are going to investment more in spam by creating more botnets for sending spam emails.
Despite the international barriers for Iran regarding economic and finical markets in different aspects, the IME's progress is remarkable and dynamic," Villena pointed out.
Under this system, the office of the Auditor General Pakistan had access to finical transactions data for auditing, they added.
Essa Kazim, CEO of Dubai Finical Market and the Secretary General of the Higher Committee for development of the Islamic Economy sector reportedly said, "The strategic plan will contribute to enhance the position of Dubai as the global capital of the Islamic Economy at a time when many countries are competing to attract investments in the Islamic Economy sector and the demand for goods and services in this sector is increasing.
The weekly report published by MSM pointed out that while the decline in the general index was supported by the finical sector, which lost 6 points, the industry and services index and the sharia compatible index closed high.
xiii date of maturity / expiration of the finical instrument i.
This report is essential reading for chief executives, sales and marketing and business planning vice presidents and those in government, finical institution, consultants etc to understand electric aircraft and where they are headed.
The president academic staff association, Prof Kaleem Ullah Badach, held the university administration responsible for the current finical crisis of the university, saying that due to carelessness by the university administration the situation of the university has reached at the verge of destruction.