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 (fĭn′ĭs, fī′nĭs, fē-nē′)
The end; the conclusion: setbacks that wrote finis to our venture.

[Middle English, from Latin fīnis.]


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the end; finish: used at the end of books, films, etc
[C15: from Latin]


(ˈfɪn ɪs, fiˈni, ˈfaɪ nɪs)

end; conclusion.
[Middle English < Latin fīnis]
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Noun1.finis - the temporal endfinis - the temporal end; the concluding time; "the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell"; "the market was up at the finish"; "they were playing better at the close of the season"
end, ending - the point in time at which something ends; "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period"
2.finis - the concluding part of any performance
finishing, finish - the act of finishing; "his best finish in a major tournament was third"; "the speaker's finishing was greeted with applause"


[ˈfɪnɪs] nfine f
References in classic literature ?
I wrote the word finis at the end of the sixty-eighth strip about a week ago.
This Rex certainly must be a relation of the great author Finis, who wrote all books!
Finis is written, and your man wanders in strange gardens.
One of the refugees named Ismail Mamo said he leant Dutch in three months and he plans to bring his family to the country after the finis his education.
Selon lui, [beaucoup moins que] il faut relever les taxes douanieres pour les produits finis.
Ya fitted skirt with a sweetly feminine showing offyour c the waist while th balances proporti ROLL WITH IT AS well as a tighte oversized roll-necthrowing on for ex make sure it's a fin sling a leather jackthe top, then finis cross-body bag.
JEDDAH: Al Murjana effectively wrote finis to any and all attempts to knock it from No.
You can even, as Finis Jhung did, custom-design your class soundtracks.
Cherry Lynn Molden, Otis Morgan, Vanesa Jackson and Kimberly and Kathleen Kenney, $110,000; Charles and Johnnie Grider, $110,000; Terry and Cynthia Johnson, $92,000; Finis and Glynnis Williams, $60,000; Rainwater Properties LLC, led by Bryan Hosto, $53,000; Larry Griffo Sr.
Detailed tweaks included a revi subf impr and stee swif Re was hand styli tink and vari Th the u runn bum finis and has Th upda inclu pack two Th spec LED uph spor inco Ren guar strip Factfile: Model:
En favorisant la monetarisation de ses actifs, le groupe envisage de limiter la creation de nouveaux actifs a travers la vente du stock de produits finis disponibles, soit plus de 80% du stock constitue a fin 2014 grace a un plan commercial agressif; l'acceleration du rythme de recouvrement des creances des clients, la reduction des delais clients de 10 a moins de 4 mois.
Spur concl finis Nas Van Gaal is 11-2 with Hills NOT to beat Old Trafford at the start of next season and that looks like buying money, which is about the only thing he hasn't bought.