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n. pl. fi·nos
A pale, very dry sherry.

[Spanish (jerez) fino, dry (sherry), from fino, fine, from Latin fīnis, end, supreme degree.]


(Brewing) a very dry sherry
[from Spanish: fine1]
References in classic literature ?
My brother writes as follows about the origin of the first part of "Zarathustra":--"In the winter of 1882-83, I was living on the charming little Gulf of Rapallo, not far from Genoa, and between Chiavari and Cape Porto Fino.
In the afternoon, as often as my health permitted, I walked round the whole bay from Santa Margherita to beyond Porto Fino.
Civita Vecchia, Leghorn, Porto Fino, Genoa, Cornice, Off Nice
Amid all the progress in the area however, the Northern Mindanao region still finds itself short of 250,000 housing units, thus attracting real estate developers to start building residential communities, said Fino Land general manager Voltaire Antonio Flores.
During 2017, Fino and ADM Bolivia generated close to USD 500m in sales
The seven brands including Abe-Khyber, Orabel Pure Water, Life Water, Athar, Oasis Plus, Heaven H2O and Fino were found to be unsafe due to microbiological contamination which may cause Cholera, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Hepatitis and Typhoid.
With the launch of Best Western Plus Hotel Fino Chitose in May 2018, we will be able to offer travelers a world-class upper-midscale hotel within easy reach of New Chitose Airport.
One of Spain's greatest wines, even Aldi introduced a fino and amontillado (which starts life as a fino but develops nuttier nuances with ageing) to their Exquisite Collection of wines, just in time for Christmas.
India-based Fino Payments Bank has said that it has tied up with Gokul Dairy and Mother Dairy to digitise payments in the milk industry.
For those who find fino or manzanilla a little too abrupt, then the ENTHUSIASTICO ORGANIC MANZANILLA (from PS7 a glass, Curado Bar) may be the very chap.
Inocente is a special fino in that, unlike many other finos, its grapes are from a single vineyard and are barrel fermented.
TASTE the Difference Dry Fino Sherry, Spain, (PS8, 50cl, Sainsbury's) is slightly lighter in body with similar yeasty aromas and tangy flavours.