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The event was held in conjunction with Mullica Township s Elwood Volunteer Fire Company Station 160.
WASHINGTON, March 7 (KUNA) -- A Kuwaiti student was honored for his efforts at the Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company in the State of Maryland, earning him the "Rookie of the Year Award.
More than 45 people participated in today's program, which was hosted by the Kunkle Fire Company and included a tour of PVR's dehydration facility in Monroe Township.
com)-- The young woman was floating in the backyard swimming pool as members of the Flanders Fire Company #1 and Rescue Squad arrived.
The firefighters at Delta-Cardiff Fire Company do not believe themselves to be heroic, but to the people of Peach Bottom Township, heroes they are.
Many Whiteaker area residents and business people in Ortiz's ward have become alarmed during the past week by door hangers and advertisements from the Eugene firefighters union stating the city will eliminate a fire company at Fire Station No.
In Fairfield, he was a Senior Counsel Board member and from 2007 to the present served as vice president of the Fairfield Fire Company, where he was awarded the 2008 Presidents Award.
The fire company is currently seeking donations to install cabinetry and appliances for the kitchen area.
In 1736, Benjamin Franklin created the Union Fire Company as an organized volunteer fire company.
Jonathan Walters is a staff correspondent for Governing magazine and is active in the local fire company in Ghent, New York.
Good Will Fire Company (Belvidere, NJ) - Towards the purchase of structural firefighting boots.
The town Borchen intends to procure a tank fire engine 4000 - shortly: TLF 4000 - for the Fire Company Kirchborchen its volunteer fire department.