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Look for trillium, hepaticas, fire pink, lady slippers, and bleeding heart, even as the high peaks are still blanketed in snow.
Some easy-to-grow spring ephemerals are bloodroot, woodland phlox, Virginia bluebell, shooting star, Solomon's seal, Jacob's ladder, fire pink, trillium, and foamflower.
June 2: Some flowers of early June in the nation's midsection: poison hemlock, common cinquefoil, sulfur cinquefoil, red, yellow and white clovers, angelica, ragwort, black raspberries, meadow goat's beard, sweet rocket, fire pink, wild geranium, ground ivy, columbine, white campion, common fleabane, golden Alexander, tallbuttercups, corn salad, cow parsnip, field parsnip, black medic, Miami mist, smooth-leafed dock, spiderwort, Solomon's plume, clustered snakeroot, daisies, maple waterleaf, and late sedum.