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A boat equipped to fight fires along waterfronts and on ships.


(Nautical Terms) a motor vessel with fire-fighting apparatus



a powered vessel equipped to fight fires on boats, docks, shores, etc.
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Noun1.fireboat - a boat equipped to fight fires on ships or along a waterfront
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
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A fireboat was also used in the effort to put out the flames underneath Middle Dock in Commercial Road, South Tyneside on Saturday night.
You can get a FREE LEGO fireboat toy today - then build up a fantastic collection of 12 great toys with the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror.
At the stage is corporation fireboat William Gregson, which never squirted a hose in anger (most notably being refitted in dry dock when Empress of Canada II burned out) Picture: DAILY POST ARCHIVE
This was the nominal "rent" for the fireboat, which had been bought by Tees and Hartlepool Port Authority for pounds 400,000.
OffShore in the Cape Fear River, a Sunny Point fireboat sprayed red, white and blue water skyward.
Scott, the oldest front-line fireboat in the nation, which will be preserved as a historical monument, said Theresa Adams Lopez of the Port of Los Angeles.
Edging slowly out of port Black Watch is big, taking 798 passengers in double and single cabins she exchanged booming farewells with other ships as the local fireboat whizzed about spraying water for fun.
With this tender BAA seeks 1 bidder to enter into a supply agreement in principle in favor of the purchase of a fireboat.
A crew in the fireboat hauled out the pink and black suitcase at around 4pm on Wednesday.
Humber Coastguard alerted a nearby pilot boat to the incident and Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade and the Tyne and Wear Fire fireboat were also launched.
Crowds attending the opening of Otterspool Promenade in July, 1950, watch fireboat William Gregson (LDP Maritime No 095
As the boat docked and the station set up its equipment to broadcast live, a harbor fireboat cruised by and unloaded their cannon hoses, spraying so much water on them they almost capsized.