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1. A chamber, such as the furnace of a steam locomotive, in which fuel is burned.
2. A box containing a fire alarm.


1. (Mechanical Engineering) the furnace chamber of a boiler in a steam locomotive
2. an obsolete word for tinderbox



1. the box or chamber containing the fire of a steam boiler, furnace, etc.
2. a box or panel with a device for notifying the fire station of an outbreak of fire.
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Noun1.firebox - a furnace (as on a steam locomotive) in which fuel is burnedfirebox - a furnace (as on a steam locomotive) in which fuel is burned
furnace - an enclosed chamber in which heat is produced to heat buildings, destroy refuse, smelt or refine ores, etc.
steam locomotive - a locomotive powered by a steam engine
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Or for a firebox, either,' observed Caleb, in deep contemplation,
Unscrew his head to put the matches in; turn him heels up'ards for the light; and what a firebox for a gentleman's mantel-shelf, just as he stands
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WatchGuard Technologies, a provider of extensible network security and connectivity solutions, announced on Thursday (23 April) that with its new Fireware XTM operating system, WatchGuard Firebox X Core 550 and 750 e-series security appliances will realise system improvements for packet filter throughput and IPSEC VPN performance.
WatchGuard[R] Technologies has voiced its security support for small businesses by offering its award-winning unified threat management (UTM) appliance, the WatchGuard Firebox X Edge 10e, as a perfect complement to the newly announced Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Foundation.
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SKUTT'S small FireBox 8 kiln is for use in glass fusing, firing Precious Metal Clay, ceramics, enameling and, as Skutt puts it, "almost anything you need to get hot.
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