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An exchange of gunfire, as between infantry units.


(Military) a brief small-scale engagement between opposing military ground forces using short-range light weapons



an exchange of gunfire between two opposing forces, esp. a skirmish between military forces.


[ˈfaɪəˌfaɪt] N (Mil) (journalese) → tiroteo m
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Firefights often last around 15 or 20 minutes as the Taleban know how long it takes for troops to call in helicopter gun ships or mortar barrages.
There is a popular belief that soldiers have a significantly longer life expectancy in a combat zone after they have survived their first few firefights.
Two policemen, two fighters and two civilians died in separate firefights on Monday.
One minor change from previous 007 outings is that the first-person shooter becomes an 'over-theshoulder' third person shooter when taking cover during firefights.
Evaluating local exercises involves many things, including monitoring firefights, loading operations and bomb buildup.
During one of the longest firefights his company has encountered--nearly four hours long--three others sustained gunshot wounds, and nearly everyone took minor wounds from rocket propelled grenade shrapnel.
Between intense firefights with your enemy, the cut scenes slowly reveal a deep relationship between Fenix and Dom that isn't fully developed in the game's short story line.
Launched on New Year's Day, Operation Clay saw troops from Plymouth-based 42 Commando engaged in four days of ferocious firefights.
Coalition troops were caught up in firefights, two suicide bombs and a massive rebel assault.
Under its self-contained tent is an air-conditioned space holding the system's heart--laptops and projection screens depicting the battlespace for commanders to direct firefights.
Santa Clarita tends to hold its own,'' said Kutcher, 38, who has staged his share of car chases and firefights over the last two decades.
However, in the meantime, Starfleet must face a previously unknown enemy that has been easily defeating its starships in a series of firefights.