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a.1.Destitute of fire.
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Poverty looks grim to grown people; still more so to children: they have not much idea of industrious, working, respectable poverty; they think of the word only as connected with ragged clothes, scanty food, fireless grates, rude manners, and debasing vices: poverty for me was synonymous with degradation.
The mess stewards had found their fireless heating arrangements intact, and there was hot cocoa for the officers and hot soup for the men.
The men crept together in the mess-room in the darkling, wrapped in what they could find and drank cocoa from the fireless heaters and listened to his cries.
Hesiod's diction is in the main Homeric, but one of his charms is the use of quaint allusive phrases derived, perhaps, from a pre- Hesiodic peasant poetry: thus the season when Boreas blows is the time when `the Boneless One gnaws his foot by his fireless hearth in his cheerless house'; to cut one's nails is `to sever the withered from the quick upon that which has five branches'; similarly the burglar is the `day-sleeper', and the serpent is the `hairless one'.
Genestas seated himself in a corner by the fireless hearth.
A raised platform for fireless camping and observation of nocturnal wildlife would add to a sense of adventure while increasing safety.
You marveled at these new appliances your generation of women would have at its disposal that your grandmothers and most of your mothers didn't - an electric stove, a vacuum cleaner, a motor-driven washing machine, an electric iron, a bread-mixer and a fireless stove.
Don Gann, Commissioner of the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for his fireless support and encouragement on behalf of those clients served with SLD.
Its comprehensive suite, called NaturAlert, provides extensive natural hazard detection, including a set of specialized modules: Minteos FireLess for the detection of wildfires; Minteos FloodAlert for the detection of floods; and Minteos LandAlert for the detection of landslides.