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1. Any of various plants of the genus Epilobium, especially E. angustifolium (syn. Chamerion angustifolium), having long, terminal, spikelike clusters of pinkish-purple flowers. Also called willow herb.
2. Any of several weedy North American plants of the genus Erechtites in the composite family, having small white or greenish flowers grouped in discoid heads.

[So called because the plants are pioneer species in areas where fire has destroyed other vegetation.]


1. (Plants) any of various plants that appear as first vegetation in burnt-over areas, esp rosebay willowherb
2. (Plants) Also called: pilewort a weedy North American plant, Erechtites hieracifolia, having small white or greenish flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
3. (Plants) an Australian rainforest tree, Stenocarpus sinuatus, having whorls of bright red flowers



any of various plants, as the willow herb, appearing in recently burned clearings.
[1775–85, Amer.]
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Noun1.fireweed - tall North American perennial with creeping rootstocks and narrow leaves and spikes of pinkish-purple flowers occurring in great abundance in burned-over areas or recent clearingsfireweed - tall North American perennial with creeping rootstocks and narrow leaves and spikes of pinkish-purple flowers occurring in great abundance in burned-over areas or recent clearings; an important honey plant
Epilobium, genus Epilobium - large widely distributed genus of herbs and subshrubs of especially western North America and Arctic areas
willowherb - a plant of the genus Epilobium having pink or yellow flowers and seeds with silky hairs
2.fireweed - an American weedy plant with small white or greenish flowers
genus Erechtites - coarse herbs with whitish discoid flower heads and silky pappus
weed - any plant that crowds out cultivated plants
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In this LP, May recorded the electrical currents given off by popular Colorado native wildflowers — including the state flower Columbine — as well as fireweed, scarlet gilia, arnica, woods rose, purple penstamen, lupine and others.
Here, your brain space is filled with field knowledge: how to calculate distance between you and the coyote's mournful yip; the proper way to eat the pith of fireweed.
The fish is wild-caught, infused with fireweed honey, and lightly smoked over alder.
Blazing flame-tongued every fall, fireweed recurs as motif and material in Mouw's oeuvre.
Bid Item #4 Capital Projects Administration Building; 533 East Fireweed Avenue, Palmer
Recently, Gray reached an agreement with Fireweed Communications LLC to acquire KYES-TV, the market's MyNet affiliate, for USD 500,000.
In particular, she takes up the unique work of special issues of journals such as West Coast Line and Fireweed.
The five-kilogram Mace also features fireweed, Yukon's floral emblem; the figures of a miner, a trapper and a First Nations person; as well as etchings of Yukon scenery and other armorial bearings.
The fireweed flower blooms across the rugged Alaskan landscape, softening the terrain's hard-cut edges and bringing vibrant color to the countryside.
Later, after Stafford's death, Gatchell submitted a poem to Fireweed Press, which was putting together a collection of poems as a memoriam to Stafford, each written as an address to him.
Fireweed Universe City is a block of funky-colored houses started by a community of anarcho-communists.
SPIDERWORT flowers can change colour in response to different levels of pollution and Fireweed is often the first plant to appear after an area has been hit by fire.