firing range

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Noun1.firing range - a practice range for target practicefiring range - a practice range for target practice
practice range - a place for practicing golf shots
rocket range - a firing range for rocket missiles
shooting range, shooting gallery - an enclosed firing range with targets for rifle or handgun practice
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st] in a series, this teleconference helped firing range managers who face the problem of understanding the complex compliance requirements to adhere to OSHA regulations and environmental requirements for lead management and containment.
In the past year alone, MT2 has completed firing range clean-up projects for law enforcement agencies Coast-to-Coast such as NYPD, Denver, Seattle, and Richmond.
Prima facie Delhi Police has done it for their firing range.
A YOUNG Brit hired a gun and turned it on himself in an apparent suicide at a firing range in Thailand.
POLICE want to hire out their firing range to gun clubs and government organisations.
As a convicted felon, Davis isn't allowed to possess guns, even if he's only shooting them at a firing range.
It's not surprising charges won't be levelled against the child who accidentally shot gun instructor Charles Vacca at a firing range in Arizona.
Tosa Maidan, famous for its meadows located in the central district of Budgam in Jammu and Kashmir, was leased to Indian Army for setting up a firing range in 1964.
SNA soldiers shoot at the firing range during mock attack
Coldstream Guardsman James died after treading on an improvised explosive device at a firing range 2.
Nicholaus Beintema fires upon a clay target at the firing range dunng the 2006 National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic.