first class

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first class

1. The first, highest, or best group in a system of classification: a restaurant of the first class.
2. The most luxurious and most expensive class of accommodations on a commercial airplane, train, passenger ship, or other conveyance.

first class

the class or grade of the best or highest value, quality, etc
adj (first-class when prenominal)
1. of the best or highest class or grade: a first-class citizen.
2. excellent; first-rate
3. of or denoting the most comfortable and expensive class of accommodation in a hotel, aircraft, train, etc
4. (Philately)
a. (in Britain) of or relating to mail that is processed most quickly
b. (in the US and Canada) of or relating to mail that consists mainly of written letters, cards, etc
5. (Education) education See first10
by first-class mail, means of transportation, etc

first′ class′

1. the best, finest, or highest class, grade, or rank.
2. the most expensive and most luxurious class of accommodation on trains, ships, airplanes, etc.
3. (in the U.S. Postal Service) the class of mail consisting of letters, postal cards, or the like, together with all mailable matter sealed against inspection.


1. of the highest or best class or quality.
2. best-equipped and most expensive.
3. given or entitled to preferred treatment, handling, etc.
4. by first-class conveyance.
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Noun1.first class - the highest rank in a classificationfirst class - the highest rank in a classification
high quality, superiority - the quality of being superior
2.first class - mail that includes letters and postcards and packages sealed against inspectionfirst class - mail that includes letters and postcards and packages sealed against inspection
mail - the bags of letters and packages that are transported by the postal service
correspondence - communication by the exchange of letters
3.first class - the most expensive accommodations on a ship or train or plane
accommodation - living quarters provided for public convenience; "overnight accommodations are available"
Adv.1.first class - by first class conveyance; with first class accommodations; "we always travel first class"
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References in classic literature ?
This meant getting a First Class teacher's license in one year instead of two, if they were successful; but it also meant much more and harder work.
A few minutes having elapsed, during which Mr Squeers looked very profound, as if he had a perfect apprehension of what was inside all the books, and could say every word of their contents by heart if he only chose to take the trouble, that gentleman called up the first class.
The antithesis "good and bad" to this first class means the same as "noble" and "despicable.
I saw a universal manifestation of discontent when the fumes of the repast met the nostrils of those destined to swallow it; from the van of the procession, the tall girls of the first class, rose the whispered words -
THE YOUTH'S COMPANION was certainly first class, and at that rate the three thousand words he had written that day would bring him sixty dollars - two months' wages on the sea!
He took the train for Walton, travelling first class, and treated with much deference by the officials on the line.
The Seats of the Senators of the first Class shall be vacated at the expiration of the second Year, of the second Class at the expiration of the fourth Year, and of the third Class at the expiration of the sixth Year, so that one third may be chosen every second Year; and if vacancies happen by Resignation, or otherwise, during the recess of the Legislature of any State, the Executive thereof may make temporary Appointments until the next meeting of the Legislature, which shall then fill such Vacancies.
Having a private object of their own in view, the five wise virgins of Miss Ladd's first class had waited an hour, in wakeful anticipation of the falling asleep of the stranger--and it had ended in this way
In the first class, the works of the wise ancients; and the Histories, Biographies, and Essays of writers of more modern times--otherwise the Solid Literature, which is universally respected, and occasionally read.
Mr Hayter had some property of his own, but it was insignificant compared with Mr Musgrove's; and while the Musgroves were in the first class of society in the country, the young Hayters would, from their parents' inferior, retired, and unpolished way of living, and their own defective education, have been hardly in any class at all, but for their connexion with Uppercross, this eldest son of course excepted, who had chosen to be a scholar and a gentleman, and who was very superior in cultivation and manners to all the rest.
He made one feel that a first class was ever so slightly vulgar.
She has the reputation of being remarkably sensible and clever; but I rather believe she derives part of her abilities from her rank and fortune, part from her authoritative manner, and the rest from the pride for her nephew, who chooses that every one connected with him should have an understanding of the first class.

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