first run

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first run

The initial period in which a newly released movie is shown in theaters.

first′-run′ adj.

first′ run′

the initial exhibition period for a film.
first′-run′, adj.
References in classic literature ?
And he signed it rapidly, after having first run his eye over that part of the deed in which were specified the situation of the house and the names of the proprietors.
The Bennets were speedily pronounced to be the luckiest family in the world, though only a few weeks before, when Lydia had first run away, they had been generally proved to be marked out for misfortune.
When the fish first run up the rivers, they are fat and in fine order.
I helped design her and took her out on her first run.
I'm glad that First Run is interested in our film,' Mendoza said.
Patrick Prendergast, trainer of Clan Jock "I was pleased with his first run at Leopardstown over six furlongs, although I didn't know what to make of the race as they crawled early on - but the winner Zoffany could be a nice horse.
After years of struggle, First Run Features thrives with gay and lesbian home video