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In one corner is a hyper-partisan Congress seemingly incapable of doing anything of substance, and in the other corner you have the unprecedented combination of legislative events known as "The Fiscal Cliff.
In its latest consumer advice piece, "The Fiscal Cliff Deal: What Car Buyers Need to Know," Edmunds.
Congress's passage of a bill to avert the fiscal cliff and the yen's continued weakness.
ICE-cool Barack Obama relaxes in the sea after he clinched the fiscal cliff deal aimed at keeping the US economy afloat.
Boehner was voted in by his colleagues on Thursday despite the recent severe backlash that came as a result of his handlings with the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.
Summary: Oil prices were down in Asian trade on Thursday as the initial euphoria over the fiscal cliff deal in the United States faded, analysts said.
A weary US Congress went past its New Year deadline, but finally approved a compromise deal to avoid middle-class tax increases and spending cuts that would have sent the country over the fiscal cliff, with the measure now in the hands of President Barack Obama.
Evan, Ross, Reeve and Ben talk about the Texans who voted for the fiscal cliff deal, allegations of embezzlement by a top adviser to Lt.
Summary: Biden to meet Democrats to sell fiscal cliff dealUS: US Vice President Joe Biden .
A senior official with Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) has said that politicians need to ensure calmness in the markets when dealing with the much-debated fiscal cliff.
SINGAPORE -- The dollar weakened against the euro in Asia Monday with traders fleeing the US currency as hopes faded that a deal could be reached to avert the fiscal cliff in the United States, analysts said.
The US appears to be headed over the fiscal cliff, warned Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid who criticised his counterpart in the House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner, for not calling House members back to work: "They are not here.