fish bowl

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also fish bowl  (fĭsh′bōl′)
1. A transparent bowl in which live fish are kept.
2. Informal A place that is lacking in privacy.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bowl - a state of affairs in which you have no privacyfish bowl - a state of affairs in which you have no privacy; "the president lives in a goldfish bowl"
situation, state of affairs - the general state of things; the combination of circumstances at a given time; "the present international situation is dangerous"; "wondered how such a state of affairs had come about"; "eternal truths will be neither true nor eternal unless they have fresh meaning for every new social situation"- Franklin D.Roosevelt bowl - a transparent bowl in which small fish are kept
aquarium, fish tank, marine museum - a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals
bowl - a round vessel that is open at the top; used chiefly for holding food or liquids;
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75 gallon glass fish bowl that is shaped like a brandy snifter.
Rosey is distracted by The Spencers' music and overwaters her plants, sending excess water to the fish bowl on Eric's windowsill, ousting his goldfish.
I've seen the effects of bad management, but now I've seen the other end of the spectrum, where some people would like to just ban all fishing and point to the ocean like it's a big fish bowl.
50 FISH CAT BOWL Mason cash cane fish bowl, Swell Pets, www.
Among the many surprising insights, Friedman explains how learning to think like a hostage negotiator can help you diffuse a workplace argument, why placing a fish bowl near your desk can elevate your thinking, and how incorporating strategic distractions into your schedule can help you reach smarter decisions.
50, blue rain dinner plate, PS6, metal and glass red lantern with rope handle, PS12, PS10, organic fish bowl, PS7.
Dorset dining table, Dorset pair of dining chairs, indigo dip hi-ball glass, blue rain dinner plate, metal and glass red lantern with rope handle, organic fish bowl, all Tesco Direct One of the loveliest holidays I've ever had was a long weekend in Cornwall.
Not when the IPL has reduced the world of cricket to a small fish bowl.
The 28-year-old champion skier told the New York Times that she can be normal by herself and no body will even notice her but asserted that when she is out with him she feels as if they are living in a fish bowl, the New York Daily News reported.
Two young puppies playfully tugged at Her slippers and there was an occasional splash from the fish bowl on the large round table in the corner of the room.
You can't describe what living in a fish bowl is like until it happens.
The silly creature must have slowly, painstakingly, climbed the side of the large fish bowl we had put it in along with the fighting fish and must have decided it had had enough of his roommate and thought of its escape plan.