fish meal

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fish′ meal`

or fish′meal`,

dried fish ground for use as fertilizer, animal feed, or an ingredient in other foods.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: meal - ground dried fish used as fertilizer and as feed for domestic livestock
feed, provender - food for domestic livestock
organic, organic fertiliser, organic fertilizer - a fertilizer that is derived from animal or vegetable matter
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The newly formed company, Nova del Mar, will produce and sell high quality fish meal and oil made from pelagic fish sourced in the Sea of Cortez.
On the basis of regions the fish meal market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa.
Soybean meal also has been used extensively to replace fish meal in fish feeds [16].
Inclusion of a commercial poultry by-product meal as a protein replacement of fish meal in practical diets for the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus.
He said that efforts should also be accelerated for enhancing the production of Indus trout so that the needs of fish meal could be fulfilled.
The police investigation revealed that the man died of food poisoning caused by salmonella, with records stating that the fish meal the victim had, in place of his fiancee, was rotten.
The report said EU fish meal imports increased to 559,000 metric tons (MT) in 2009, compared to 487,000 MT in 2008.
Oberon's model is to partner with industrial food and beverage manufactures to capture the bacteria used to clean the excess wastewater churned out during the manufacturing process, dry it, and turn it into single-celled protein substitute for fish meal.
Conventional salmon farms rely on fish meal and oil made from wild-caught seafood for feed ingredients--an inefficient process that some estimate requires three pounds of wild-caught fish to make one pound farmed.
THE EUROPEAN Parliament has called for an end to the European Union (EU)-wide ban on feeding fish meal and fish oil to adult ruminants including beef cattle, claiming there is no evidence to back claims that the practice transmits BSE or other TSEs.
1994) Dependence of intensive aquaculture systems on fish meal and other fishery resources.
Fish emulsion and fish meal are used with great success in organic corn gardens today, including my own.