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A barbed metal hook used for catching fish.



a barbed hook for catching fish.
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Noun1.fishhook - a sharp barbed hook for catching fishfishhook - a sharp barbed hook for catching fish
fishing gear, fishing rig, fishing tackle, tackle, rig - gear used in fishing
hook - a curved or bent implement for suspending or pulling something
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[ˈfɪʃhʊk] Nanzuelo m


n anzuelo
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And he also put into the hat certain schoolboy treasures of almost inestimable value -- among them a lump of chalk, an India-rubber ball, three fishhooks, and one of that kind of marbles known as a "sure 'nough crystal.
Who else would spend an afternoon impaling their cheek with a fishhook, then leaping into the Gulf of Mexico tethered to a fishing pole to pose as shark bait?
She sniffed that dog from head to foot to find a telltale sign; then she raked her fishhook claws down Old Snore's bony spine.
Their latest LP Static Delusions and StoneStill Days on Sub Pop shows their fury and angst, sort of like a guy writhing around on broken glass after getting a big fishhook caught in his guts while trying to cast for lost souls into a lake of fire.
Arrow-points made of flint and shale are less frequent than the composite fishhook shanks.
A BULL mastiff dog had to have surgery to remove a fishhook and line that it had swallowed and which had lodged in his stomach.
There are even suggestions on finding lost people and how to remove a fishhook or skin caught in a zipper.
The company produces a full range of sharpening products, and the Diafold is available in single- and double-sided versions, as well as a serrated sharpener, diamond flat file and a fishhook sharpener.
An agreement between the Company and Eldor was signed and exploration was undertaken on the Fishhook and Nicholson properties that are now owned 100% by GLR.
They had to dig a pretty big hole in his posterior to get the fishhook out and he won't be able to drive or sit up straight for a couple of days.
We invite everyone to get a fishing rod with a good coil and a large fishhook, which will enable to catch a big and high-quality fish.
According to Hawaiian legend, Maui brought the islands to the surface with his great fishhook, and aspects of the legend will be reflected in the design of the new family pool and kids' splash zone, incorporating coral and lava, sea and earth, in the surrounding rockwork.